Saluting All Veterans

Saluting All Veterans. Ansaldo Honolulu supports Hiring Our Heroes and honors its team members who served in the Military in U.S. and overseas. We count on their experience, leadership and team spirit to deliver our World Class System to Honolulu. 


From left to right: Robert Gagne, P.E., former Sergeant, US Marine Corps and now Senior Construction Manager, Jared Bayne, former Lieutenant, Submarine Warfare, US Navy and now Assistant Deputy Systems Manager, Gennaro Capobianco, former Lieutenant Junior Grade Naval Engineering Corp Reserve, Italian Navy and now Senior Construction Manager, Mike Ridenour, former Lieutenant, US Navy and now Senior Project Manager, Alfonso Buono, former Private First Class Instructor, Italian Army and now Communications Lead Engineer,Vincent Sibbet, former Petty Officer 2nd Class, US Navy and now Senior Communications Engineer.