Safety First!

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Safety First!

October 2015 – Team Ansaldo Honolulu are planning safety and response procerdures with local authorities.

Top - AHJV engineers briefed 30 members of the Honolulu Fire Department on fire safety as it relates to the electrical Traction Power system. This session was the kickoff to more in depth sessions scheduled for early 2016.

Bottom - In preparation for the arrival of Ansaldo Honolulu’s first train and first wave of track mounted maintenance vehicles, Ansaldo employees led by Jason Lurz, Ansaldo Honolulu’s Operations and Maintenance Director, review our Rail Workers Protection (RWP) and on track safety procedures. Safety has always been Ansaldo Honolulu’s number one priority but as the project shifts from construction to commissioning and later to operations, it is paramount that safety processes be streamlined and made universal for all personnel working on the project. Employees have been working diligently over the last year to solidify these procedures and lay the safety foundation which will keep our patrons, employees and equipment safe for years to come.

Depicted in the picture, from left to right, are: Francesco Guarino, Safety & Security Certification Manager , Kian Motaraghi, Deputy Construction Manager, John Leomo, Logistics Manager, Jason Lurz, Operations & Maintenance Director, Alessandro Acquaviva, Lead Traction Electrification Engineer, Davide Cioli, Systems Engineer.